Teaser Film Test Shooting Tour – Nov.,2019

The team of an Indonesian film production company came to Shiga to shoot a test teaser film for a Web drama.

Why they chose Shiga as a shooting place of the Web drama was that Shiga has Lake Biwa, the biggest lake in Japan, is surrounded by mountains, and has beautiful scenery in all seasons. We proposed places which would match with the Web drama story and introduced an actress for this test shooting who would match with the cast image.

Our Indonesian staff accompanied them to guide and interpret.




  • Visiting Places and Activities
  • Cultural Experience
  • What We Coordinated


  • Tarobogu Shrine (Higashiomi City)
  • Hachimanbori canal, Okishima Island, Beach of Lake Biwa (Omihachiman City)
  • Hikone Castle (Hikone City)
  • Shirahige Shrine, Line of Metasequoia Trees (Takashima City)
  • Toyosato Elementary Old School Buildings (Toyosato Town)
  • Omamori(Charm) Making Workshop

  • Preparing itinerary
  • Arranging shooting places and casts
  • Arranging accommodations
  • Guide and interpretation
  • Tarobogu Shrine and Omamori Making

    Tarobo shrine is said to be bringing good luck and success in business.

    Making an Omamori for your luck

    Hachimanbori canal and Old Urban Area

    This area is the early Omi merchant town and old their houses exhibits.

    Okishima Island

    Okishima island on Lake Biwa is the only island which is on a freshwater lake and has residents in Japan. There is no car or traffic signal. Times goes by slowly there. Many cats are living there and some tourists go to the island to see cats.

    Japanese Garden

    Toyosato Elementary Old School Buildings

    Toyosato Elementary Old School has been famous as an art deco building designed by U.S. architect William Merrell Vories and is lately popular as the anime “K-On!” place.

    Shirahige Shrine

    This shrine has a “floating” torii.

    Line of Metasequoia Trees

    Sunset of Lake Biwa