Market City – Oct.,2019

This tour was the order from Higashiomi Internaitional Friendship Association as the party of Market city of Michigan which is the sister city of Higashiomi city came to Higashiomi city.

We took the party to Tatami factory and they enjoyed Tatami making. After that, we showed the typical type a decade ago of Japanese house with tatami rooms, an alcove called tokonoma, and a Buddhist altar. They also enjoyed Kimono Fitting at the house.

There were people in the party who are members of Lions Club and had requested us that they wanted to interact with the members of the local Lions Club, Yokaichi Lions Club. We arranged the time and place of lunch meeting of Japanese bento and udon noodle for their interaction.



  • Visiting Places and Activities
  • Cultural Experience
  • What We Coordinated


  • Higashiomi City (Sightseeing and cultural activities)
  • Tatami Making Workshop
  • Kimono Fitting
  • Lunch of Japanese bento and udon noodle

  • Preparing itinerary
  • Arranging cultural activities
  • Tatami Making

    Kimono Fitting

    Interacting with Yokaichi Lions Club

    Bento Lunch at Japanese house