Malaysia Entrepreneurs’ Golf Tour – Nov.,2019

We planed the autumn Japan tour and guided the 23 members of JAGAM (Japan Graduates’ Association of Malaysia).

They went for sightseeing to Shiga, Wakayama, Nara, and Osaka.
There were some company owners in the tour members. And we created business opportunities for Japanese sales companies of Omigyu beef and cars who were thinking business development to Malaysia to meet them.
The singer who planted to participate the anime festival would be held in Malaysia the next month’s of this tour sang songs at their dinner time and the head of a school of Goshu Ondo, which is a folk song of Goshu for a dance originated in Higashiomi city, performed and everyone enjoyed a dance to a song.

Some of the members enjoyed playing golf in Autumn leaves at three golf courses: Comwood Golf Club, Diamond Shiga Country Club, and Shigaraki Country Club.

They were staying at Diamond Shiga and enjoyed the dinner of Kaiseki cuisine with Omigyu beef cooked in various method every night.




  • Visiting Places and Activities
  • Cultural Experience
  • What We Coordinated


  • Kuroshio Ichiba, Market of fresh seafood (Lunch)


  • Kosugi Farm (Persimmon Picking)
  • Shirahige Shrine
  • Genkyu Garden
  • Miho Museum,
  • Shigaraki Ware Shop


  • Kasuga Taisha Shrine
  • Kohfukuji Temple
  • Todaiji Temple
  • Nara Park
  • Mt. Wakakusa


  • Namba

【Golf Course in Shiga】

  • Comwood Golf Club
  • Diamond Shiga Country Club
  • Shigaraki Country Club
  • Goshu Ondo

  • Preparing itinerary
  • Booking golf courses
  • Arranging chartered buses
  • Arranging accommodations
  • Guide and interpretation
  • In Wakayama

    At Kuroshio Ichiba

    The show of a tuna cutting!

    Enjoyed fresh seafood lunch.

    In Shiga

    At Kosugi Farm

    Picking persimmons.

    Shirahige Shrine

    This shrine has a “floating” torii.

    In Hikone

    Lunch of Oyakodon (rice bowl with chicken and eggs)

    Visiting Genkyu Garden beside Hikone Castle.

    In Shigaraki

    Visiting Miho Museum which was inspired by Shangri-La and build in woods.

    Shigaraki is famous as Shigaraki Ware.

    In Nara

    Kasuga Taisha Shrine -A World Heritage site-

    We arranged a local guide

    In Japan, a festival called Shichi Go San is held in November to pray for the healthy growth of young children (girls aged 3 and 7 and boys aged 3 and 5 ) at a shrine. We met cute girls and boys dressed in kimonos!

    Enjoyed lunch and sweets

    Kohfukuji Temple

    Kofukuji’s five-storied pagoda is both a landmark and symbol of Nara.

    Todaiji Temple and Nara Park

    You can see the one of Japan’s largest bronze statues of Buddha (Daibutsu)

    Visitors will encounter lots of deer said to be messengers of god. They are always begging for special crackers for deer called Shika Senbei sold in Nara Park.

    Mt. Wakakusa

    In Osaka

    Golf in Autumn Leaves

    In Diamond Shiga Hotel

    Serikana’s Performance

    Goshu Ondo

    Deneb’s Live Performance

    Kaiseki Cuisine

    Comfortable Chartered Bus Tour