Lake Biwa Round Trip – Set.,2019

Malaysian family came to Shiga pref., Japan for Lake Biwa round trip by a rental car. They visited popular tourist spots in Shiga: Hikone castle, Shirahige shrine, Shigaraki where famous as stoneware pottery. Also, they extended their trip to Mie pref. to visit Ninja Museum and enjoy Ninja show.


  • Visiting Places and Activities
  • Cultural Experience
  • What We Coordinated


  • Hikone Castle (Sightseeing)
  • Okubiwako Parkway (Sightseeing)
  • Line of Metasequoia Trees (Sightseeing)
  • Shirahige Shrine (Sightseeing)
  • Shigaraki (Sightseeing)


  • Iga-ryu Ninja Museum (Ninja Show)
  • Ninja Show
  • Staying at a Japanese private home

  • Preparing itinerary
  • Arranging a rental car
  • Arranging accommodations
  • For Further Exchange of Indonesia and Shiga.

    Hikone Castle

    Shirahige Shrine