Indonesia Jakarta Lions Club – Oct.,2018

A group of 45 people from Indonesia Jakarta Lionsclub
Visiting Shiga, Kyoto and Osaka.

In Shiga, they enjoyed sightseeing, cultural experience, and participating a festival called “Wa no Saiten” at Omi Shrine. They performed one of Japanese dances “Hyakunin Isshu Mai” and also Indonesian traditional dance.

Also, they met Governor of Shiga Prefecture, Mayor of Otsu, Shiga Prefecture, and Mayor of Higashiomi, Shiga Prefecture for further exchange of Indonesia and Shiga.

インドネシア ジャカルタ ライオンズクラブ45名様

滋賀県では観光、文化体験の他、10月6日に近江神宮にて開催された『和の祭典』に参加され、『インドネシア国交60周年記念事業』として、百人一首舞を鈴木氏とともに演舞し、インドネシア伝統舞踊の『ワイヤン オラン』を披露くださいました。


  • Visiting Places and Activities
  • Cultural Experience
  • What We Coordinated


  • Otsu City (Meeting Governor of Shiga Prefecture and Mayor of Otsu)
  • Higashiomi City (Mayor of Higashiomi)
  • Omihachiman (Sightseeing)
  • Omi Shrine (Performing a dance at “Wa no Saiten”)
  • The University of Shiga Prefecture(Performing Indonesian traditional dance)


  • Kinkakuji Temple (Sightseeing)
  • Kiyomizu Temple (Sightseeing)


  • Namba (Sightseeing)
  • Writing Brush -Yoshi Fude- Making
  • Tatami Making Workshop
  • Udon Noodle Cooking
  • Tea Ceremony -Sado-
  • Kimono Fitting
  • Hyakunin Isshu Dance
  • Dinner with Local Residents around The Guest House

  • Preparing itinerary
  • Adjusting schedules with relevant organizations
  • Arranging a chartered bus
  • Arranging accommodations
  • For Further Exchange of Indonesia and Shiga.

    Met with Governor of Shiga Prefecture

    There were TV crews and newspaper reporters.

    Met with Mayor of Otsu

    Met with Mayor of Higashiomi

    Cultural Exchange between Indonesia and Japan

    The festival “Wa no Saiten” at Omi Shrine

    Performed traditional Indonesian dance

    Dinner with local residents


    Cultural Experiences

    Tatami making

    You can take Tatami you made to home as your memory of Japan or a present for your family or friends!

    Writing Brush -Yoshi Fude- Making

    Try writing your name or favorite words in kanji and/or kana characters!

    Tea Ceremony -Sado-

    Udon Noodle Cooking

    Dinner of Japanese home cooking

    Also enjoyed shopping at a large shopping mall!