Shiga Hunter

Where Shiga is located?

Shiga is conveniently located at the central of Japan, East side of Kyoto. Easy to travel from Kyoto or Nagoya. Shiga is filled with colorful local culture, trigonal townscapes beautiful scenery throughout 4 season. And also home to the largest lake in Japan – Lake Biwa (琵琶湖). Imagine a donut and the lake is the hole, and that is how geographically Shiga is like.

New Style of Japanese Tour – Shiga Hunter –

Share what you saw and what you experienced in Japan with your family, friends, and people all over the world via SNS. Get points according to your activities; shopping, eating, or posting on SNS and receive prize!

From ¥12,000 ~ / person

A special guide book of Shiga Hunter tour
1 cultural experience
1 day pass of Omi rail way and bus or a rental bicycle
Luggage pick up service
Prize of local product

Shiga Hunter participants can stay at Japanese old style guest house in Yokaichi for free with a dinner and light breakfast.

How to Enjoy Shiga Hunter?


Nature Hunter : Retrace the footstep of the monks and prayers for more than 1400 years ago. Embrace yourself with the beauty of nature and Historical temples & Shrines.


Travel Spots:

  • Engenji Temple – Especially beautiful during Autumn season.
  • Tarobo Shrine – So called the Shrine of Victory and Happiness. Many famous athletic, entrepreneur, politicians, students come here to pray for good luck and fortune.
  • Shopping Arcade
  • and more

Treasure Hunter: Visit the mansion of wealthy Japanese merchant who were once lived there. Experience the lifestyle of one the richest Japanese back in Edo Period (One of Japan’s thriving period) 江戸時代. Check out their one and only collections, art piece and valuable treasure.


Travel Spots:

  • Japanese Merchant’s historically houses and beautiful Japanese gardens.

Old Town Hunter : walk the street of one of the busiest old hub town that were built in Sengoku period (the age or civil war) 戦国時代. Local stall and merchant filled the stress and canal of the town. Enjoy the ropeway up the mountain and enjoy the breathtaking view. Hike down the hill and make a prayer at Himure hachimangu Shrine. Hop on the boat and enjoy the canal ride. Get yourself some Japanese antique and learn 1 or 2 Japanese culture that we provide at the streets of Omihachiman.


This plan is included with a free traditional cultural activities: Put on Traditional Japanese costume: Kimono, or try out Tatami Making …
Additional price may occur with the request for an additional activity.


Special Guide Book
Meet at the designated place of each area. You will get tour instructions and special guide book of Shiga Hunter. This guide book tells you how to ride a local train and bus, a map of area you chosen to visit, the rule of Shiga Hunter.

Omi railway pass or rental bicycle
You can take a train and bus with 1 day-pass. If you like, you enjoy cycling.
If you plan to stay at the guest house at the night, you can leave your luggage with us at the meeting place. Enjoy a tour without a big luggage.

Take photos!
Visit spots: temples, shrines, shops; try a Japanese culture, and take lots of photos!

Post your photos to SNS and get points!
Post your photos of spots you visited and activities you experienced to your SNS. For each spot or activity, specified hash tags need to be added to your post. Some places have quiz for you. You will get points according to your posts, shopping, activities, and quiz answers. Receive a prize with your collected points!

Stay at Japanese house
You can stay at Japanese house surrounded by rice fields.
Sleep on the futon laid out on the tatami. In the winter, warm yourself in a kotatsu.

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