Akiko Sakaguchi (坂口 暁子) / CEO

“Culture” is the “system” of perceptions and practices that created and inherited by us, human being. It is a continuous habit that was repeatedly nurtured by many different backgrounds of historical and geographical events. It is also a miracle caused by the wisdom and creativity of people and the indescribable power of nature.
The ARK project, our aims is to bring the world together by understanding and connecting each other’s culture.
We has always been one step ahead to practice and cherish the Japanese hospitality of “Omotenashi”. We strive to provide our customer memories of joy and happiness by the culture of love and creativity of Japanese.
To us, this is our idea, our mission, our goal.
We challenge ourselves in becoming the best partner for those who wish to experience Japan and to those who dream to set up their projects overseas.
Let us give you a hand in connecting the world.


Verlinton Waldo (ヴェルリントン ワルド) / COO

Hi, my name is Verlinton Waldo and I’m from Indonesia.
I’m in charge of content creation in ARK.

Culture is one of elements that makes the world.
Through ARK I want to connect these different cultures form around the world and build more activity which involves people and countries.

My motto is “Inspire to be Inspired”.
Not only to inspire people, but I would also meet, talk, and discuss with other people from different backgrounds and countries in order to be inspired and create various interesting contents.

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